by Happy Potter Pottery Studio

One of our all-time favorites! A great project for beginners and experienced potters alike.
This is a fun hand-building project that is done in 2 stages and includes 2 studio visits:
1- First visit you will learn the basic pottery hand-building techniques to make your own bowl using a variety of fun tools; lace, stamps, cookie cutters, etc. The photo shown is an example of a bowl made in our studio by a beginner student. You are given full creative control so the possibilities are endless! When your project is fully dried it will be fired in the kiln.
2 - Second visit: You will be notified when your piece has been fired and is ready to paint/glaze. You then return to paint/glaze (ask us about our paint at-home kits). It gets fired a second time & then your project is complete!

Ages 12 and up. Instruction will be provided respecting Covid social distance regulations.